Thoughts on feeding for the 8 hour swim

So I consumed the full 2 litres fruit smoothie and maybe another 2 ½ litres of isotonic. I also ate two bananas and a few handfuls of grapes during breaks. My liquid intake looks a bit low, but I think that’s kind of normal for me as well. Certainly for the first three hours I felt bloated from the carb. loading. Later on I would have loved some solid food (other than fruit). But that’s one of the swimmer’s dilemmas. What you can eat while swimming is a tiny subset of your normal diet. Some of the guys went for cold pasta as sold food during the break, but I can’t stand cold pasta, another limiting factor.

If only we could find a way of making a waterproof sandwich! All told though, the fruit smoothie worked from an energy and liquid point of view. Of course, there were, shall we say, repercussions, from 8 hours of a liquid fruit diet and two hour drive home. :-[

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One thought on “Thoughts on feeding for the 8 hour swim

  1. Hi Donal,

    I packed up on Pasta and Chicken the day before the swim….Cottage Cheese Yougurt and pine nuts for supper……A huge Bowl of porridge with fruit for breakie.
    I drank 6.5ltrs of liquid during the swim (4.5 mix of water/cordial and salt and the rest plane water)
    And I ate grapes/blue berries and banana’s and the pasta for lunch….
    My movements were normal!!

    Check out my new Blog for a few clips of our swim on friday….


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