I hate porridge.
I’ve always hated porridge.

When I was a kid, my mother used to insist that I eat porridge for breakfast. So I used to get up early every morning, before my mother got up, make the porridge in the saucepan, put it in the bowl, add the milk, and scrape it down an outside drain in the yard. The messy saucepan, bowl & spoon would convince my mother I’d eaten the porridge. Of course, I was rarely late for school as a consequence, which is how much I hated porridge. There is nothing that can added to porridge that actually makes it nice.

So the fact I now eat porridge 6 mornings a week for energy for swimming, does not fill me with joy.

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5 thoughts on “Porridge

  1. Well Donal unlike you as a kid I loved going to my Grandad’s for a bowl of hot steamy porridge in the morning so the transition to eating it 6 days a week for energy was easy for me…

    I make it with Full Milk and add loads of Fruit and maybe 1 spoon of Honey/Sugar to taste !!!

    In my B&B the most popular Bowl of Porridge we serve is
    Porridge and Bailys Irish Cream Liquor




    • You also, a pervert! A pervert with honey.

      I’ve been eating it since my cycling days, but never learned to enjoy it. This morning about 50% went into the dog, who loves it. That’s the company you keep!

      I noticed Eilish made 2 mistakes for this week’s sessions. Today’s was only 4700 instead of the claimed 5500. Both easy so I added on 1500 anyway because…day 3 or 4 next week is missing the second session so the total is only 3K!!! So I’ll do that extra over the next couple of days and take the St. Patrick’s Day off. Yahoo!

  2. How can you say such a thing !

    I love porridge.
    I’ve always loved porridge.
    I love it even more now.

    I usually make a “bucket” of porridge in the morn. A full cup of meal, full cup of water, full cup of milk, all into a wok style large dinner bowl, no piddly little cereal bowl here, 2-3 mins in the micro, breakfast of champions. Serve with plenty of sugar and a bit of cream if you have it.

    Try eating it with buttered (real butter) bread and let the porridge melt the butter in your mouth….. heaven

    I went on weetabix for a while, but it turns to goo if you leave it too long in the micro.

    The Missus puts raisins in hers before bipping, but thats just mad Ted.

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