Finally a tasty alternative to porridge

Ok, this is thanks to the Hive Mind – food for breakfast, endurance sport or the Channel. I’m going to use this on our next long swim.

  • One cup of porridge oats (not pinhead)
  • 2 tablespoons each of honey and peanut butter
  • You can also add sultanas or raisins
  • Mix the peanut butter and honey to a paste
  • Add the oats and mix
  • Leave in the bowl or use greaseproof paper to make a bar
  • Place in freezer for 5 minutes (just to firm up)

It’s god-dammed delicious, even if like me you find honey too sweet. It’s also about 560 calories! Yes I guess it’s essentially a kind of flapjack. (Hopefully the dog who has been clearing my porridge bowls can lose a bit of weight now).

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5 thoughts on “Finally a tasty alternative to porridge

  1. so now you can strike for the cap from 5k out !

    There was a chap on the wireless this am talking about roasting porridge flakes and using them as sprinkles on all kinds of weird stuff. I immediately thought of you

  2. I’m sure it will soon.

    Yesterday I added raw oats to my morning smoothies AND had one of these, (I’m calling them “solo bars”).

    I did 5 x 1k all on 16 to 16:30 mins. Now I know that’s slow for you but while it’s not my fastest, it’s faster than my normal and for 5 in a row it’s unprecedented for me.

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