Merino Wool

Winds shifted North again over the weekend and look likely to stay that way for a while. :-(

By today water temperature had dropped down to 7 Celsius (from 8.8 C.), i.e. mid-January and mid-March temperatures. 1 hour and 15 mins on Sunday dropped to 1 hour today. Hands “gone” by 45 minutes and the full claw had developed by the time I got out.

The only positive about today I can see is: On Sunday I was in such shock and panic after seeing our remaining training schedule that I completely forgot my normal preparation and recovery, so after the swim I didn’t put on all the gear I normally wear, because I forgot to bring it with. Consequently recovery was more difficult. But today I was at least back to normal post-swim routine.

After today’s swim I put on my normal “really cold” post-swim clothing:

  • Wool hat
  • Merino ski socks
  • 1 Merino base layer
  • 2 Merino mid-layers
  • 1 Merino outer-layer
  • 1 artificial thermal outer-layer
  • 1 heavy jumper
  • Merino long-johns
  • Pants
  • Leather gloves
  • Heavy coat

I then went for a 15 minute “walk”, which was actually a mix of stumble and “jogging” attempts.

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