My favourite post big swim recovery dinner recipe

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Marathon swimmers will happily talk endlessly about food and feeding. The first is what happens outside the swim, the second is during a swim. Do enough long swims and you may develop  a particular fondness for a specific “recovery meal”. After a six hour swim last Sunday week, on the last day of the Cork Distance Week, on Monday I had my favourite recovery meal. Lamb’s liver. I’m an average cook. Somethings I do well, others not so well. The recipes I often like best have a bit of flexibility in them. So you don’t like liver. OK, that’s understandable. And I’ll make a fair guess why; you’ve had the wrong liver or you’ve had poorly cooked liver. I’ve seen beef liver served. It’s tough, coarse and unpalatable and too strongly flavoured. In fact I’d only serve beef liver to dogs. You may have had pork liver. Pork liver is acceptable. But without being properly cooked it also is tough. Chicken liver is tender and usually used for pate. Duck liver becomes fois gras. My favourite is lamb’s liver. Correctly cooked it’s tender and flavoursome. From 200 to 400 gm per person. Make sure it’s fresh and a dark deep colour. Older liver has a slightly bitter taste. Cut off any white or veiny external parts. No need to dig into the liver to cut anything internal out.

  • Sear the liver on a higher heat for 30 seconds and reduce heat to low/very low
  • Add a large sliced onion, sliced peppers and mushrooms
  • Add a good splash of both balsamic vinegar and Worcestershire sauce
  • Add salt and pepper
  • Half cover with stock (vegetable, chicken)
  • Add a finely-chopped chilli or a single drop of Dave’s Insanity Sauce
  • Throw in a handful of frozen peas if you like
  • Maybe a clove of garlic
  • How about some broccoli on top?
  • Cover and cook slowly for 20/25 minutes
  • Add a chopped garlic 5 minutes before you turn it off, if you remember
Serve with new season British Queens potatoes. Or mashed potatoes. Should work very
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