Two Irish Inductees for International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame (IMHSOF)

It’s a great pleasure to announce TWO Irish Nominees Inductees for International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, Class of 2011.

From The Daily News of Open Water Swimming. Quotes from Ned & Martin Cullen.

The Irish Long Distance Swimming Association (ILDSA) – honoured for 40+ years of excellence and promotion of the sport

Martin Cullen, the Public Relations Officer of the ILDSA replied to the IMSHOF announcement:  “We in the ILDSA are delighted at the recognition of the tremendous work that has been done over the many years by so many people in the organisation. In all parts of the country there are individuals who teach, encourage, promote and arrange swimming at various wonderful locations. Over the past 10 years there has been a far greater awareness of what we do and it is so pleasing to see so many new people getting involved.  A real indication of the success of open water swimming in Ireland is the large amount of Irish swimmers taking on and completing some of the great swims around the world. Your recognition will encourage further development and increase awareness that such a small country has made such a big leap forward.”

Ned Denison – honoured for his contribution to marathon swimming

Since 2005, 16 English Channel solo swimmers have come from Sandycove Island in Kinsale – over seven years the 3rd most successful training location in the world (behind Dover Harbour and the Serpentine in London).  As one of the 16, I can attest to Ned as a FORCE to motivate and create an environment which results in success.   Many of you would have “caught the distance bug” from Ned during his presentations at 13 seminars around Ireland to over 350 attendees.  Over 50 of you have signed up already for his Cork Distance Week in June 2012 – to drive further success.  I caught Ned at a loss for words (a first ?!?) after the announcement:   “I credit and thank Martin Cullen for providing easy access into the sport and teaching me how to run a proper marathon swim event.  It was then possible to leverage off 10+ years of successful swimming around Sandycove Island, the big mass participation Cork swims and the best marathon swim coach in the country, Eilís Burns.  Finally, my wife Anne supported my passion in every way possible.” 

 They join Ireland’s previous honourees:

1944 Ted Keenan – the first Irishman to swim the English Channel

1999 Billy Wallace – the leading light of the ILDSA for many years

After 2010 which saw Anne-Marie Ward honoured as the Global Open Water Swimmer of the Year – Ireland is a rising star in the Open Water Swimming World !

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