Nutrition for marathon swimming Webinar Monday 13th

FINIS and Open Water Source  are holding a webinar for marathon swimming nutrition next Monday evening GMT, (10 AM PST, whatever that is) with Doctor and Endurance Athlete Peter Attia.

I signed up for it last week (fingers crossed I can get it to work for Linux! since it says Windows and Mac).

I often say we need more scientific study of open water swimming, especially in the area of nutrition for ultra events in extreme conditions (i.e. cold water).  I’m looking forward to it. Evan and I need to think of some questions… Please pitch in with any questions you have.

My general areas of interest:

  • Recommended supplementation? (E.g following my Choline post and some future posts, and Evan’s great Three Part series). especially. choline, Vitamins B Complex, D & E, any additional supplementation like Choline, EHA/DHA, CoQ10.
  • What about supplementation BEFORE and DURING an event/swim?
  • Carbohydrate metabolisation in cold water. Are there studies on this of which we aren’t aware?
  • How to work with limitations of the medium (generally liquid feeds, in salt water)?
  • Carb loading necessity and strategies (I’ve also written about this before)
  • Fat requirements (WAT & BAT) in cold water swimming, AND the impact of BAT on calorie consumption (esp, if Presenter is talking about low body fat)
  • What further information resources are available to us that we are not are of, like US military testing, as Steve once pointed out to me.
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