Stephen Redmond finished Molokai at 4.30 pm (local time)

According to Liz Buckley, wind and tide at his back.

No working tracker this time.

Stephen’s Facebook page for possible updates and his Ocean’s 7 page where Ivan is updating with an occasional Twitter:

1pm Update from Liz:

Update from Noel:
He just spoke to the skipper again, they have covered 14.9 miles. Winds and water have died down conditions very good.
Steve is feeding every 40 mins …
Go, go, go Stephen…
8:30 Pm (GMT) Update from Noel & Liz
Stephen has approx 7.5 miles to go – he has been fighting the tide but its about to turn in his favour. ETA is midnight :-))
Next update will be approx 10 / 10.30 pm…..

10.50pm update. Less than 5 miles left. ETA 12.30 am GMT!


UPDATE 11.35 GMT: Steve’s tracker is now working.

Update: 1;20 am… Tracker hasn’t been updating. Steve is 2 miles out!

Just under 23 hours! Molokai Channel Done. Fantastic, Stephen! So proud of you.

Stephen Munatones post swim report from Oahu.

UPDATE: For people visiting who don’t live and breathe open water swimming like us weirdoes….

What is the Ocean’s 7? Stephen Redmond’s page has a good explanation.

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