Irish 10k Olympic Qualifier Chris Bryan 3rd in Euro 10k

Irish open water swimmer and Olympic 10k qualifier Chris Bryan finished in a great third place at 1:54.14 in today’s Euro 10k Cup in Israel.

He placed behind Sergey Bolshakov (Russia), World Championship 2011 Bronze in 10km, who won in 1:54.04 and David Davies (Great Britain), 2008, 10km Olympic Silver, all according to Chris’ own Twitter account.

The water was a toasty 23 C with 6 laps of 1.6k. The field was 28 men from seven nations.

Euro 10k Cup course

Look forward to an upcoming Guest Article from Chris when he has time (which is rare), I don’t want to press him unnecessarily, but maybe this will serve as a gentle reminder!

His next and final target before London is another Euro Cup 10k in Portugal on June 7th.

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