Loneswimmer Kindle Screensavers

I don’t delude myself about my photographic ability except that I think that if you are reading this blog regularly, then we have an interest at least in the same sub-categories of images and you, like me, are probably also a reader.

Not content with the Kindle 4th Non-Touch (K4 NT) generation screen-savers, and bored with all the same free screen-savers around the place, I turned some of my own images into Kindle screen-savers and maybe you’d like some of them to do the same.

So, the first thing you need to do is hack your K4 NT. It’s pretty simple and anyone can do it. Thanks to this thread on mobileread.com for the hack. Since this isn’t a tech blog, I’ll leave you follow the (simple) instructions and disclaimers over there.

Once that’s done; (Kindle screen savers need to be 800×600 pixels gray-scale so you can create your own), here are mine. Click on┬áthe thumbnails for the full image.

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9 thoughts on “Loneswimmer Kindle Screensavers

  1. I do not have a Kindle but as someone who is passionate about photography, your work is quite lovely. As wildswimmers said, you’ve a good eye, and that will always overcome gear because it accommodates what it has to work with, be it a Canon 1D or an iPhone.

    I especially like the one of Alan Clack, sort of reminiscent of images of “Nessie” taken up in Loch Ness. ;-)

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