Wayne Soutter’s historic & new North Channel route – Part 2

Part 1. This swim is told from two viewpoints, of both Wayne and his crew chief Paul. Wayne’s is the grey text on the left, Paul Greenhalgh’s text is in green and justified to the right. ******************************************************************* We finally made a GO decision on Thursday evening to swim on Sunday, I booked flight tickets for Saturday, we […]

Both North Channel routes

Guest article – Wayne Soutter’s historic & new North Channel route swim report – Part 1

I’m delighted to have another historic swim report for you to read. Toward the end of August (2012) just passed, Wayne Soutter, originally from South Africa, contacted the Channel Chat group, looking for any last-minute thoughts or advice on his attempt to swim the never-before successfully swam Mull of Kintyre to Ballycastle route, instead of the only […]


Summer swimming on the Copper Coast 3 – More arches, more caves, oh my!

  Continuing to take advantage of unusually warm water that is completely out of sync with the crap summer we are experiencing, I’ve been revisiting some of the caves and arches from last year’s Project Copper now that I have a waterproof camera (oop, just realised I must do a review of it) to take […]

Lower Manhattan from the Staten Island ferry, Battery Park (left) to the Ferry Terminal (right), the first 10 minutes of the course

MIMS 2012 – Part 1 – Three Rivers

New York maps show Manhattan Island plumbing a line from north to south, bounded by three rivers, the East and Harlem rivers circumscribe the east curve of Gotham with the East River swerving out and around lower Manhattan, up through Hell Gate and the confluence of the East and Harlem rivers and the Long Island […]


“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”. Lisa Cummins officially announces her 2012 swim

I have waited a long time for this official announcement and am very proud and honoured that Lisa has chosen loneswimmer.com to announce her big swim for this year. But before we get to that … For those of you who don’t know, Lisa Cummins was the twentieth person to swim a two-way English Channel […]

How waves can interfere with swimmers and cut down on their speeds

This phrase is a consistent Google autocorrect search term that bring people to the site so I thought I would use it directly. I’ve previously written a couple of posts on understanding waves, theory and some practical. Writing recently about the 2010 eight hour pool-training swim followed by a sea swim, I was reminded of the […]

Stephen Redmond's Cook Strait map

Stephen Redmond’s own Cook Strait report & GPS – Widowmaker swim

(I accidentally sent out a brief version of this post yesterday to subscribers, sorry about that). Some of you will have already seen Stephen’s own post-Cook swim report. He emailed me on Saturday night so I can put it up here. He titled it a “Widowmaker swim”. Stephen is not prone to exaggeration so for him […]

Western end of Kilfarassey beach

Explaining a critical open water swimming factor: Tidal Range

Recently I wrote about how I consider safe entry and exit points and possibility of swimming at all tide times to be a critical requirement of a good open water swim location. Kids growing tend to think the whole world is the same as their local experience. Though I didn’t live by the coast growing […]

What are the features of a good open water swimming location?

Steve Munatones posted a list of possible features on dailynewsofopenwaterswimming.com for a good open water swimming spot some time back. 1. Year-round conditions 2. Summer conditions 3. Abundance or absence of marine life. If marine life is known, how does the abundance or absence of sharks, dolphins, turtles, jellyfish, Portuguese man o’ war positively or negatively […]


The local neighbourhood -The Irish & Celtic seas and the Western Approaches – Dangerous Seas

The Celtic Sea is that section of the Atlantic off the south Irish Coast. The Irish Sea is the sea between Ireland and the UK. The Western Approaches is the large rectangular stretch of water south and west of Ireland and the UK, i.e. the Atlantic Isles, including these two seas. The term Western Approaches […]

Stephen at Fastnet

“I Know Nothing” – Amazing Stephen Redmond talks about 2011

There are swimming legends around the world. Little known outside our sport.  Some past, some current. In a country with a very small population of only four million, Ireland is only occasionally successful in International Sport, and we celebrate our sporting heroes as a consequence. But in Open Water Marathon swimming, we excel. World Open […]

Monthly loneswimmer.com views

Some loneswimmer.com facts as celebration

I started writing this post a few weeks ago when 50,000 pageviews was starting to become visible in the near distance. One of you reading this today will be the official 50,000th person. (I won’t be able to tell which of course). Recently I realised that should be at least 50k. WordPress (the site platform) was […]

Sea, land, sun, moon


The Earth’s equatorial radius is 6,378.1 kilometres. The Sun’s equatorial radius is 6.955×105 km, about 109 times that of Earth. The Moon’s equatorial radius is 1,738.14. Land makes up 29% of the Earth’s surface. From the surface of the Earth, the Sun’s apparent size is 25% that of the Earth, While the Moon’s apparent size is 27%. And […]

Donal swimming in front of Brown's Island, Kilfarassey

Project Copper – reflections and debrief

Reflections on Project Copper. I’ve swam about 54,000 metres to cover the 25 kilometre coast, which were swum as a series of out and back swims, so every metre of coast was swam twice. With the experience I’ve gained of the various currents on this stretch of coast, I now know there are longer swims […]

The sea, the colours ...

Kilfarassey – a swimmer’s paradise

In 2010 while Channel training I did the majority of my Waterford training at Clonea, trying to eek out some fractional comfort from the average extra 0.25 degree Celsius water temperatures, after spending the previous few years mainly swimming at the Guillamene, where I returned again last winter and this spring and early summer. But […]

Swimming a new location – 1

This is the first post about exploring some new or lesser swum areas along the South East coast. Whiting Bay is on the Dungarvan side, just around the headland from Ferrypoint in Youghal Bay, in Cork. Capel Island is visible in the west, beyond Youghal. Mairead Ní Eidhean swam from there into Youghal some years back, swimming […]

The most famous swimming location in the world?

Alcatraz? Hellespont? Dover? Possibly but I’d like add: Ireland. We took a trip a Dublin two weeks and went down to take some pictures just for today, (Bloomsday), June 16th, of The Forty Foot which appears in the opening of the twentieth centuries most famous novel, James Joyce’s Ulysses. “The sea, the snotgreen sea, the scrotumtightening sea”, as […]