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Alan Smith going well in English Channel

His stroke rate is steady in the mid 60s. He’s feeling a bit of strain at the moment, crew working hard to get him through it. Water state is still good. The crew can see the weather turning ahead, the second half will be tough, but then, it always is. Crew are in good shape.

Alan Smith

Update: Every looking good for a landing between Audreselles and the Cap, I think. Windspeed at the Sandettie buoy has dropped and is now lighter than predicted, southerly.

I haven’t been able to get the crew for the last hour, but that’s normal for the last couple of hours as they will be too busy. I take it as a good sign.

Go Alan!

Alan Smith goes at 1am

He’s not sure of start point, Shakey or Abbot’s cliff. He’s with Neil on Suva. He’s not sure if he’s have a Tracker yet, but the active trackers will¬†be visible here. Select the pages at the bottom to cycle through the active ones.

Forecast is ok (not fantastic): Variable, becoming north or northeast, 3 or 4, rain or slight thundery showers, sea state slight.
He should have a some very good hours at the start.
I just talked with him and Lyle, one of the crew, all obviously excited.
We’re all rooting for him.