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Cold water swimming and alcohol don’t mix

A couple of days ago I noticed some incoming traffic from a discussion thread on boards.ie.

Swimmers there planning a pre-New Year’s swim mentioned drinking whiskey and swimming afterwards. I though they were saying they’d consider it. In the same thread they mentioned my post on advice for a Christmas and New Year’s swim.

I was annoyed by such stupidity. It turned out to be a misunderstanding. One of the posters contacted me to explain they also were neither condoning drinking alcohol nor irresponsible behaviour and were planning significant safety measures. Thanks to Paul for explaining.

This time of year remains a good time to repeat this reminder (along with the rare sunny summer holiday weekend).

I’ve probably swum skin longer, in colder water, than most people. I have repeatedly explained the physiology of cold water swimming. I didn’t write about not swimming after alcohol to fill space.

No whiskeyI have never, EVER swum after taking alcohol, not even once, nor has any other Channel swimmer that I know done so, (& I know a lot), and to do so is stupidity, not courage, and usually leads to someone more experienced taking responsibility for the person that does it.

I’m not generally about telling people not to do things, but in the case of mixing alcohol and swimming, think about the other people put at risk by doing so.

You can run across a road without looking and with your eyes closed and get across, but it doesn’t mean you’d do it every time. Most smart people would never do it.

And just because you’ve done it previously and been fine is not a meaningfull argument. If you do it, you also tarnish all responsible swimmers, because when the media covers your death, they won’t follow-up with the inquest results which will outline your stupidity as the cause.

Alcohol and water might mix, but alcohol and swimming never mix.