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The life span of an ear plug

Silicone ear plugs. Ear plugs. Made out of silicone.

Little balls of silicone. That you squish into your ear. To block and protect your ears. From cold water.

Got that?

In the box:

On left, two new and unused plugs.

Next two from top second left, plugs used during winter.

Next two, bottom centre and top right, still in use from last year.

Bottom right. One left from last summer.

Middle right. Left over from early last summer. Half the size, because I lost the other on a choppy rough day in Clonea (I still remember it, I actually lost two other plugs the same day. Yes, it was rough).

So I split the remaining one in half while out in the water and replaced in ears. And later lost one again.

Boots Pharmacy. Box of 3 pairs.

Gritty, sandy, dirty, waxy, with occasional dog and cat hairs and maybe insects and all round nasty. Still effective. And cheap.