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For some time now, the Marathon Swimmers Federation (by which I mean in this specific case, Evan Morrison, who does the work) has been putting out a regular email newsletter. The contents are concise and the frequency is low enough not to be intrusive. It goes out every two weeks during off-season and weekly during northern hemisphere…

Announcing the First Annual marathonswimmers.org Global Marathon Swimming Awards

Early in 2012, Evan Morrison, myself and a small group of well-known swimmers corresponded to discuss the possibility of initiating a global marathon swimming award. Our desire was to focus exclusively on swimmers and swims which followed the traditionally accepted marathon swimming guidelines; single, non-stop, non-assisted swims over 10 kilometres. Our concern was that with…

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Announcing: marathonswimmers.org

Hello friends, future friends, open water swimmers, readers, Aspirants and marathon swimmers! For some time Evan Morrison and some others and myself have been discussing global marathon swimming. Marathon swimming is a tiny but still growing sport. As a group, we wish to see marathon swimming continue to be celebrated and encouraged and confusion with other types…


How To: Understand Important Factors in Marathon Swim Feeding

Evan did a great 4-part series on open water marathon feeding and nutrition. I’ve covered the possible use of Choline supplementation and I’ve a long-standing request in with a friend for a guest post on the subject of further supplementation. Given some questions that have arisen though, it seems we haven’t covered enough of the…

#Occupy the Ocean (box)


Political statement! #OccupyTheOcean Any open water swimmers on Twitter will recognise the #OWS tag, which we’ve now lost to the Occupy Wall Street movement (more power to them). Evan Morrison has suggested #owswim for us from now on so we’ve starting using it. Spread it around.