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A murmuration of starlings, a murder of crows

The first is a fantastic video of a murmuration of starlings. Since it’s in Ireland and on a river/lake, (Shannon), I feel justified in linking.

Now to follow that, I thought I’d share my video I took last Saturday.

For about eight months of the year, from autumn to spring, this spectacle of a Murder of Crows unfolds itself twice daily around Loneswimmer Towers, after dawn and around twilight. Sometimes it’s a few hundred metres further up or down the river, sometimes it seems centred on the demesne. In fact, I’d never taken any video of it before, and it really demands a tripod, an HD camera and a better camera-person. I’ve never been able to estimate numbers, but it surely regularly goes over 5,000 various Corvidae; crows, hooded crows, jackdaws and maybe magpies, it’s impossible to tell. It was getting dark, dark clouds over the hills, but the sound is clear and every so often you get a good impression of the size of the Murder.