Magnificents in La Manche

On the last Mile roadtrip last week. Notice Eilís literally on my back, after being metaphorically there all year! Despite the waves constantly crashing over me, she didn’t rush to get off. Thanks to Gábor for the pic.

Just Wow.

What can you say about this story? Updated with a pic from David & Evelyn! From the BBC. Frenchman with amputated limbs completes Channel swim Doctors were forced to amputate Mr Croizon’s limbs following an electrical accident A Frenchman whose arms and legs had to be amputated following an electrical accident has successfully completed his…

The writings on the wall

You’d think, with two year’s since I booked the Channel, a year since I started the heavy training, all the success visualizations, and all that time actually swimming, that at some point, I’d have though about what I going to write on the wall in The White Horse. Maybe something from my collection of quotes.…

Samphire Hoe

South of Dover. From the sea all you see is the embankment. Probable starting point. You can see Dover harbour on the top right. Last time we started from one of the beaches between Samphire Hoe and Dover.