Swimming the Copper Coast (Metalman to Ballydowane)

Kilfarassy to Metalman

About 5 KM. Nice swim but only one other safe entry/exit point. Should only be swum on correct tide due to tide stream.

Kilmurrin Cove to Dunbrattin

Kilmurrin Cove is a small horseshoe cove about two miles from Bunmahon. It’s safe to swim in the cove but there are strong rip currents around cove entry in rough water. There are also lots of rocks on the ground below the sandy beach at lower tides. Kilmurrin to Dunbrattin Head is about 750 metres swim but exit at Dunbrattin is restricted through a private camping site.

Water around Dunbrattin Head has rips. Local seal usually only visible in choppy water.

Bunmahon Beach

About 750 metres long. Parking. Strong rip in the centre of beach where the waves look less. Undertow at West end of beach. In some calm swell conditions in spring and autumn Bunmahon can have a VERY strong outward going South-Westerly rip that is Too Strong to swim against but this condition is rare. The rip cannot be seen from land and runs from the centre of the beach outward past the headland.

There have been a few swimming fatalities at Bunmahon over the years due to the currents. It’s a popular local surf spot due to the breaking force of the waves here.

Local seal usually only visible in choppy water.

Ballydowane Cove

Small cove, about 500metres across, surrounded by high cliffs. Fairly sheltered. Parking. Submerged rocks at East end of beach at high tide. I’ve found it safe to swim here.


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