La Jolla Bay and a hypothermia tale

I’ve surfed in San Diego and swam in La Jolla Bay, in San Diego, a couple of times, last time in middle 2008.

La Jolla particularly was a great swimming experience for a cold water swimmer like.
On friday nights all the local triathletes, including some the of the world’s top professionals, swim from La Jolla cove out to a series of buoys for different lengths.

Stepping of the tiny beach at la Jolla Cove on the souuth point of the Bay, is like stepping into a tropical fish tank. The sea floor drops away and you are in warm water over reefs with various brightly covered fish. Glorious.

Lots of local long distance swimmers, water temperatures posted on the Cove lifeguard hut, friendly talkative people, especially when they hear an Irish accent.

Follow this link for a terrifying story of hypothermia in what is warm water to us…


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