The Guillamenes, my sea swimming “home”

Facing inland toward Tramore town.

Click for bigness.

Because of the rock outcrop you can’t see all the concrete/changing area.

Those buildings in the distance are one end of the Tramore Prom, about 30 minutes swimming away. I rarely take the  direct route to there but west (left on the map) around the outcrop, across to the pier, (not visible), and around Doneraile Head (the visible headland in the distance), then follow the beach.

Right out at the end of the concrete is where the diving board goes in summer. In the tiny Guillamenes cove though are also two spots for cliff jumping/high diving also.


One thought on “The Guillamenes, my sea swimming “home”

  1. Thanks for your highly constructive anonymous input, which fails the most basic grammar rules, without the like of which this site would be so much less.

    Where is this Guallanines place of which you speak? I do not recall ever hearing of it.

    Unless you mean the Guillamene? In which case it is hard for me to reconcile your apparent concern with your lack of fundamental knowledge of the location indicated by an inability to spell it , and your anonymity.


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