Review: Championship Swim Training by Bill Sweetenham

by Bill Sweetenham & John Atkinson.

Sweetenham is the coach behind the Australian swimming success and the recent edition of this book has a foreword by Ian Thorpe. I bought an older edition but it’s a very good competitive swimming book.

The book is in 2 parts, I Techniques & Drills, and II Workouts & Programs.
It’s aimed at competitive swimmers and coaches.
Obviously this isn’t about Open water but I bought it because of the Drills and workouts originally.
The Drills are drawn, and as such, often easier to understand than photos, whereas dryland training is covered by photos.
I haven’t used the contents for a few years, since I met Eilish, but I picked up a few drills both for myself and that I use when helping the occasional swimmer who asks for help improving.
It has some good stuff on benchmarking, set and training planning and specific training programs and dryland conditioning.
I would say of the swimming technique books I looked at, this was one of the best for competitive pool swimmers and a better place to start than the standard reference work by Ernest Maglischo, which I will cover in the future.


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