Newtown Cove, “next door to the Guillamenes”.

My eldest son is a great photographer. (His travelling Flickr account)
I’m not.
The picture is Newtown Cove, the other swimming spot (unless likE me the see the whole bay as a single spot), around the corner from the Guillamenes. (Shot into a morning rising sun, which is why the lens-flare).
I swim past this all the time but rarely swim out from it, except on South-easterlies.
Outside this (on the left) is the section I call The Washing Machine.
Nothing wrong with it though. Beach or pier entry.

Two of the three Metalman pillars on the headland can be seen in the distance, (I turn below them on shorter swims). Maybe one time out of forty there may be someone on the cliff top or a fishing boat out there. Mostly I’m by myself, one of the reasons I swim open water.

One time out of about 200 there maybe someone having sex on the rocks below the cliff. That is, I’ve swam out there a lot. Once there was a couple having some al-fresco fun, thinking they were perfectly private and could see anything coming for miles, when I swam around a rock about 15 metres away. Imagine how they felt!

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