Open Water Sighting

People who transition from pool to sea often have problems dues to the lack of lane lines and ropes, flags and walls.
Most will get over these problems fairly quickly. I’ve often seen Sighting be a problem, as many swimmers spend all time training the opposite reaction, to keep streamlined, that they then have problems with raising the head and with how and when to sight.
Go-swim released a simple drill on it last week that might help you.

Of course there’s more to sighting than this. Timing is another thing, one that varies with experience and conditions. I probably sight every 9 or 12 strokes in good conditions, maybe less or more variable in a race. I’ve also seen every 20 strokes or so reccommended but I’ve never been comfortable with that rate.

There’s lots of other Go-swim drill videos on their Channel, but after a site relaunch a few months ago, many have moved to the paid Premium Content side. I do have a bunch of .flvs myself of many of these videos.

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