T’were the sprintin’ wot did me in, guv…I swear.

Well, a milestone passed.

6 hour Channel qualification swim:
Open Water:
In under 16 Celsius:

Whether coach will sign off on it is another matter as 5 of the magnificent seven are currently in the bad books, apparently. It’s not like we won’t be doing it again anyway.

6 hours + in Inishcarragh Lake, water about 15C (+ / – about 0.5), sun shining for almost 5 hours and flat water. The photo is from the morning and doesn’t do any justice to the location.

Thanks to Sylvain, Lisa, Liz & John C. for the and Declan for the kayak support. Thanks to Mick and Kay for the barbecue(s) and enough food to feed an army afterwards.

(And I’d like to say, it wasn’t me started the sprinting, but Gábor heading toward the buoy in the fourth hour. I was just unfortunate enough to be involved then and the subsequent ones. As could be witnessed by how I died in the last mile!)

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