The marathon swimmer’s diet

Eat all you want,
Of whatever you want,
Whenever you want.

6 hour swim day:

1 litre smoothie (banana, apple, 1/2 pineapple, 400 ml natural yoghurt, 200 gr mixed berries, 250 ml apple juice & orange juice, 3/4 mug of oats),
Large bowl of porridge,
Mug of coffee (only on long swim days until this lark is over),
Snack chocolate bar,
1/4 punnet grapes,
2 slices soda bread with jam,
750 ml soup with added Maxim (carbs),
1/2 punnet strawberries and blackberries,
2 litres Maxim Carb mix, (should have got another at least another 1/2 litre in),
40 grs Kendall Mint Cake, ( I forgot to try the Fry’s Turkish Delight, due to being feckin’ freezin’),
3 wholemeal & ham sandwiches,
1 litre of milk,
1 hamburger, (thanks Mick…again),
1 packet of Polo Fruit (to help get rid of the salt),
Another glass of milk,
Dinner, (potatoes, peas, carrots, parsnips, eggs,)
Cuppa & a Crunchie,
4 fig rolls,
2 soda bread slices with jam,
another glass of milk,
bowl of strawberries, ice-cream and chocolate,

At this point, I’d happily keep eating, but have to stop at some stage and go to bed.


4 thoughts on “The marathon swimmer’s diet

  1. Wow. Respec Bruv. That’s a big pile of food. Bet it still isn’t enough for a 6 hour swim though! Anyway just wanted to say that I hope it’s all going okay and that you’re still coping with with the pain /boredom factors. Btw turn on Skype sometime so that I can call you!



  2. All sounds very familiar!

    One question-did the polo fruits help with the salt? Did you have them during the swim or after? I’m gonna have to look at lots of options for getting rid of the salt for my next long swim, it caused problems with my mouth and throat last time.

    Hope training is going well 🙂


    • Hey Lisa, I had them after the swim, and they did work, my mouth felt fine after finishing half the packet (2 at a time). I was wondering if it would be possible to suck a few in the water.

      Nearly there.


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