Liam Maher, English Channel Solo Swimmer, 2010

Many of you are swimmers and so this is old news, but for the rest Liam Maher, first member of Eilís’ 2010 Channel Solo swimmers was successful yesterday with a fantastic time of 13 hours 11 minutes. My words for him are unnecessary, so a simple “Well done, we’re proud of you”, will have to suffice.

It was nerve-wracking to watch the GPS, because we were all so emotionally involved, like with Lisa last year. I guess we feel the fear and we all know what’s involved, the work and training and sacrifice before and the difficult event itself.

I went to Paris in ’87 to see Stephen Roche win the Tour. A friend saw Ireland beat England in Stuttgart. As a nation we tell sports stories all the time.

But let me tell you, watching Lisa’s track last year and Liam’s yesterday were by far the most emotional sports moments I’ve had in my life. (Lisa’s swim will always be for me the greatest Irish sports moment ever).
My friend Maura texted me from Spain last night to say she had tears in her eyes at Liam’s success. This sport…this sport touches deeply, those who participate, whether from the water or the land.


2 thoughts on “Liam Maher, English Channel Solo Swimmer, 2010

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  2. Wow – Donie – pass on my congratulations to Liam – what an incredible achievement! I’m on tenderhooks already about your crossing!


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