The writings on the wall

You’d think, with two year’s since I booked the Channel, a year since I started the heavy training, all the success visualizations, and all that time actually swimming, that at some point, I’d have though about what I going to write on the wall in The White Horse.

Maybe something from my collection of quotes. Maybe something witty or pithy.

But no. Standing there, just after Jen wrote her inscription, I was blank.

So I started writing, and “When it all goes wrong, keep going, see what you discover…” came out in a Rorchachian moment, thinking about what I discovered about myself, the call came, inevitably, from across the pub, “France, hopefully”.

(Or, in my case, almost Belgium).

I didn’t even take a picture of it, my sister took it a few days later!

4 thoughts on “The writings on the wall

      • Cool! Apparently they let swimmers write on the walls of the Royal Oak too?

        I’ll be crewing for Gabor last week of September or first week in October.


        • I should have remembered he mentioned that some months ago.  Rob & I were talking yesterday about his crew. We were both worried it was only his family. I’m delighted you’re going to be looking after him. Given what happened both of us, we’re more concerned with crew than most people. I offered to crew also. So if you need me…I wouldn’t be relying on his family.

          Yes, they started the Royal Oak thing end of last year, but right now it’s only a whiteboard on the wall and it’s already almost full.


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