Endurance Recovery

Part of the design of Eilís’ training regime was to enable quicker post-Channel recovery.

Given the extra work I had to do during the swim, the six hours extra duration over what I was expecting, I wasn’t sure how long before I felt recovered. Jen was definitely back before me.

I was also injured afterwards. And tired for at least three weeks. I would generally feel fine, but when I tried anything remotely strenuous, the tank was empty.

But the shoulder is now about 90% recovered, and only sore while swimming, and not very sore at that. Last week I got to the point where I wanted to swim,so I went back to the pool. And with easy days of only an hour, it’s enjoyable in a way it wasn’t back during much of the Channel training regime. My speed is even more mediocre. My aerobic capacity is not what it was not so long ago.

But I am recovered, I think. At least I won’t embarrass myself at Sandycove too much next Saturday. Eilís’ training proves itself again.

There’s an endurance sport adage that I came across in an old running book. For an endurance event you can do approximately two and half times your longest training event.

However, if you want to do it regularly OR want to recover well, then you must train longer.

2 thoughts on “Endurance Recovery

  1. Glad to hear that you’re recovered and back swimming again. As for my recovery, it turns out that swimming the Channel, then flying immediately to Sydney and working flat out for four days straight in a fog of jetlag isn’t the best recovery strategy…my body’s finally rebelled and I’m stuck in bed with the flu!
    Enjoy the swim this weekend – wish I could be there.
    Karen x


  2. Wow, I’d never heard of that, it’s really weird…my longest swim in training was 14 hours, my swim on the day was 35 hours, exactly 2 and a half times that!!

    Glad to hear you’re back in the pool, and more importantly, that you’re enjoying being back in there. See you Saturday 🙂


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