Gábor Molnar, English Channel Solo Swimmer, 2010

A job well done. Update asap.

Conditions were good. Flat for 10 hours then it got a little frisky. Tide was strong though pushing both Suva and Pace Arrow past the Cap. Hard to get into Wissant also.

Gabor did a great job on his feeds, though he occasionally sacrificed quantity for speed, such that I often had to delay his next feed to make he was getting enough food in.

With most of the crew down with sea-sickness I was pretty busy.

I won’t go through all his swim  right now, just to say well done.

Gabor touched France around 2:20Pm with Sylvain and I swimming him in for a time of 14 H 18m. Sylvain got a great video of the end.


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