Back from Dover and a lot to write about when I get a chance.

It was…interesting, often in the Chinese way. Highs and lows, as always with Dover. More friends old and new (Marcel Degreef, Jane Murphy, the Israeli relay team, Caroline Chisholm, Paul Massey, Howard K., Bobo). Success and failure.

I’ve become increasingly convinced that a soap drama set with Varne would entertain the swimmers of the world. We wouldn’t even need a script, just the things that happen every week for the Channel season. I’ve suggested to David that Brad Pitt play him.

What are your suggestions for Evelyn? Plenty of you have been there.

It’s up to Gábor to write up his own story, I’ll be doing a version as some of you know about my other plan.

Anyway, the season still isn’t over, Alan is back to Dover this morning. He hasn’t decided about going public this time, so I won’t give any details for now. Caroline Chisholm is still hoping for a final slot after a loooong wait. Her last chance for this year is on the final unbookable tide in the third week of October. She’s also offered to crew for Alan Smith, so if you are following her blog or Twitter, she’s one of the good ones.

What do you think?

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