Sunday swims at the Guillamenes or Clonea

A few friends and I are entering an international team into the British Cold Water swimming championships next year ( expected 4 C!), therefore I hope to be swimming most weekends, (short swims for me mostly next year though).

So I’ll also be at either Clonea or the Guillamenes, tide and weather dependent.

Since 10am is a bit of a stretch for me, I’ll probably be there at 12 most Sundays and happy to help out anyone who needs Open Water or cold advice or help during the winter, wetsuit or non-wetsuit.

It’s been interesting for me over the past few years to see the growth of OW in Waterford since Clare, Eanna & Maeve started it all off, with many new faces now and I’d be delighted to help whomever I can, as I remember how hard it was to get information.

I know that on my webpage, by far the most popular topic is cold. This could the year we could see a breakthrough in those swimming through the winter!

You don’t have to be fast.
You don’t have to be big.
You don’t have to be tough.
You only have to be willing to learn.

Email me on any Friday or Saturday and I should be able to tell you the best location for the following Sunday. Also, just a reminder that the temperature is still good.

Open Water swimming is an individual expression of freedom, challenging one’s physical and mental abilities in a dangerous environment. The activity does not damage any other humans or its environment.


English Channel Solo 2010 (“scariest swim ever”)
English Channel Double Relay 2008
English Channel Crew
Sandycove Swimmer


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