It’s Sunday morning, and it’s dogdamned cold. Unusually the air is very dry so at least this time the bitter cold isn’t accompanied by any snow or ice…this time. I don’t know what the air temp is yet but it’s got to be -4C at least.

The sea is calling and I’d ignore the siren lure but there’s the bloody BCWSC at the end of January. The dogs know I’m supposed to be going, they’re going over the front door and back, looking at me.

Damn you Sylvain and Lisa. Damn you Rob, Mark, Liz, Craig & Gábor.

I’m going to have to go out that door soon and head down.

I’ve got a paper on “Different types of cold adaptation in humans” from the Finnish Arctic Institute of Health Sciences open in front of me that I was very kindly informed about from a US swimmer (Thanks Mike!) and reading about cold is far more interesting this morning than actually going out in it or skinswimming in it.

(Once I finish it I’ll link it here btw).

Meanwhile the Sandycove crew will be out celebrating Mike Harris’ birthday with a cold swim down there. I had planned to go down, but I think prudence is warranted given the weather and the long drive down and back). Hope you all enjoy it guys, Happy Birthday Mike!

I typing to put off leaving…

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