We are numbers

The 2010 Channel database was updated last weekend and we have our numbers.

Liam Maher: 1108

Jennifer Hurley: 1131

Donal Buckley: 1134

Ciáran Byrne: 1150

Gábor Molnar: 1185

Hey Gábor, tattoo time!

Karen Throsby was 1151 and Paul Massey was 1152. (Lisa was 1068 last year).

It was very successful Channel year overall with 90 successful Crossings by people from 22 different nations.
Including 2 Doubles, both Aussies, (Chloe McCardel who visited Ireland for some training) and John Van Wisse whom we met briefly in Dover. Jackie Cabell set a new Channel speed records and astonished us all. It’s only 2 years since Niall O’Crualaoich was 1002, showing the acceleration in successful crossings.

Just to note, there are no “official” numbers.
Julian Critchlow (Solo 2004, 740) started and maintains the database, and does all the heavy lifting collating the numbers every year from CSA & CS&PF, making him another Channel Hero.

4 thoughts on “We are numbers

  1. nice one!!!!!!
    with the training for new york- once again- have no chance to get any tattoo unfort!!!!!
    also running mad nowadays! did 8.8miles today – twice up and down the airport hill!!
    there s gonna be a session on saturday morning1 if u r interested= starting at 7.15
    if you r interested i contact ned and ask him


    • Thanks man, but I can’t make it. I did a 3 hour the other day, I’m not sure ‘d be able for more than 4 or 5!

      Sounds good on the running, it’s very addictive, I miss it, especially in the winter! See you saturday night?


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