Backup pool sessions

One can carry as many session plans to the pool as one likes, but some days one just wants to do something else…

For me when this happens (as it did both yesterday and today), I fall back on one of a couple of standard sessions.

Yesterday’s was 800 metres warm-up, with paddles and pull-buoy. Makes for a good warm-up, just focus on technique rather than strength. You DON’T do 800 metres with paddles without experience or building up to that distance.

Then into repeat 100s on 1:40.

42 100s to be exact, making a nice round 5k. Break after the first 12, then after each 10.

100s on 100 are a tad above my pay-scale for many repeats by myself. I could probably do 100 100s on 1:45, but 1:40 works me hard and I have to be in some kind of shape with a bit of regained speed to do it. And of course it’s easier if you have someone to share the load with (I didn’t of course). There were a couple of 100s where I missed time and had to make it back. Which is an incentive to try to hit the time, nothing worse than trying to claw it back. And for the last ten or so I was on a one to two seconds.

Pop. Look at pace clock. Go.

Good workout, time goes fast. But now I can’t use it for weeks again.





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