I know some of you hate pools so much you don’t swim in them.

Part of that is (I think) perceived boredom but contributory also are problems with chlorine.

I developed a chlorine allergy a few years ago which was (eventually) easily remedied by the simple addition of a nose clip, which I initially hated, for all of one day, which is all it took me to get used to it.

Kids (girls) in the pool were complaining about the effect of chlorine making their hair dry. I told them about what I’d heard about making sure to wash/wet your hair thoroughly in fresh water (shower) BEFORE getting into the water, as this reduces the effect the chlorine has on hair.

Any other suggestions I can pass on?



4 thoughts on “Chlorine

  1. I personally stopped just swim in pools because the chlorine, but since I started swimming in the sea, fell in love because of tuning a direct synchrony with the tide and waves. So I abandoned swimming pools and now my main focus is on freestyle sea crossings. Thank you for your attention and your e-mail.


  2. As a GIRL who swims regularly in a pools I can recommend the use of Philip Kingsley’s product, SWIMCAP which is applied to damp hair prior to swimming and gives max protection against discoloration from chlorine. Available online. OR simply comb conditioner through damp hair before immersion and is better than nothing ; does cause a silicone swim cap to slip off though !


    • Okay, one of the reasons why Irish swimming pools are so heavily chlorinated is that we like to treat them as bath tubs. I have tried to stop noticing how few swimmers spend more that a couple of seconds under the shower. One of the great benefits of showering (properly) before swimming is that you wash off not only bacteria, sweat and dirt but also all those smelly hair and body products (including conditioner) that are not intended to be ingested. Instead of leaving a slick of conditioner in your wake for your fellow swimmers to swallow or inhale along with their dose of chlorine, perhaps a better stategy would be to lobby your swimming pool to switch to UV system which requires only a tiny top up with chlorine. If they need convincing you could try reminding them that chlorine is carciongenic. Elite swimmers suffer from a higher rate of lung and throat cancers. Look you have really got me started now…..apologies but I really have a bee in my bonnet about this one!


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