Having realised it was months since I did anything much more than 5k, I decided to add a few k to a session for a moderate distance set. Normally when I go above 8k I’ll do a pyramid variation.

Instead I decided to do 20x400s off 7:00.

Only a few days ago my 400s were great, giving me 20 to 30 secs on 5×400 repeats at a nice fast but steady pace.

On these ones though, I only had 10 secs, whatever was wrong, dropping to 5 secs by about the twelfth, (good weeks, bad weeks). I held on until the 18th 400 when I was off by 10 secs and off by 15secs on the 19th, (pulling the last back in since I was finishing).

I was doing 5x 400s for each set by the way, tougher than repeat 100s. But maybe that’s just this year with significantly less training.

It felt like a tough session when done for time to hold 10/15 R.I.


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