Spring in Sandycove

Back to Sandycove for the first time this year at the weekend. The rest of the south coast seemed clouded over, but the sun was shining in Kinsale.

Went for a lovely double lap by myself, back on Ned’s qualification list for this year, starting with the 3k+. Fin and Ned were just out, the water was nice, measured 8.6C at the swanky new slipway, but felt about 10c around the island so nice and easy for a double, only losing little finger movement by the end.

Sandycove Island panorama (50% size)

Took this photo (actually 3x pictures, explaining the weird curve) after the tide has dropped, starting to expose the reef near the first corner. On the full size the island goats are just visible below the hill-top. Click for larger.

The second and third corners;

What do you think?

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