One small sign of swimmer’s spring

Swimmer’s Twitter accounts, which have often laid dormant during the winter, start to come alive again.

I’ll irregularly updating progress tomorrow as we hopefully go through the day on my Twitter account and maybe a post or two here from my phone. I mean, how rare is it for a swimmer to be able to update on their own swim?

Best of luck to Mark Robson who is starting tonight in Guildford in the UK, but with an almost 300 mile drive first! And Fergal Galvin who is also taking part in a 24 hour team head to head relay in the NAC.

One thought on “One small sign of swimmer’s spring

  1. The local swimming group here has been meeting up for cold_water swims for a couple months, but the weather just shifted and suddenly there are tons of people out at the lake every evening now. A third of our group swam w/o wet suits yesterday. It’s definately starting to feel like swim season.


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