They’re BA-aack!

Compass Jellyfish

Image via Wikipedia

Yes, our friends the jellyfish have returned. The other day I saw Common (aka Moon ), Compass (pictured) and Blue Stingers.

The Common (Moon, below) is completely harmless, but all jellies cause most people to have a small freakout. So knowing when not to be afraid is useful.

I mentioned previously about the late spring/early summer arrival, one of the defining events of the coming summer swim season. The worst case (for me) is the arrival to be caused by a south-east wind when swimming in Tramore Bay, where the jellies will be blown into the swimming area. Luckily it’s been a few years since this happened to me. Instead it is the normal population increase, not noticing anything for weeks, then one day seeing 10 or 12.

I’ve linked the ID charts before but it’s never wasted doing it again. Here’s the first chart, and the second.

As I asked Maura to tell the local swim list yesterday, it’s time to start carrying a bottle of vinegar in  your swim box again.

One small word of advice: transfer the vinegar to a plastic bottle. I had a glass bottle in the car two years ago and it broke at the inaugural Beginish Swim, so the inside of the car smelled like a chip-shop for the remainder of the week!


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