Going swimming is a source of blog post ideas

So only two days ago I mentioned how I was out of ideas for upcoming posts and how I went for a sea swim. Not very explicitly with the idea of addressing this, yet that was the end result. I came back with a list of ten items, which, for once, I wrote down. I’m not good at To-Do lists normally, and I often have ideas for posts while swimming or late at night (as we all do) that I promptly forget or realize afterwards are pretty rubbish… But I don’t know what happened, because that list is now at over 20 items and is still growing. Sweet Azathoth*!

One blog I discovered a few months ago after its author Evan Morrison left a comment on mine, was freshwaterswimmer.  Evan btw, recently WON the Tampa Bay swim and is this YEAR tackling Tampa, MIMS AND Catalina! I’m exhausted thinking about it.

Evan and I both use the same WordPress theme. It struck me how much better use Evan made of images. When I started writing this site, I composed most of my posts offline and remotely submitted them. That worked fine and suited me and gave me more flexibility…I thought. I’ve mentioned before that I read quite a bit, so I am always personally happy with wall-of-text posts. But, (and I should know better), it wasn’t using the format to best advantage. Sure, I often put up posts with video and pictures, but some the posts I’ve put most work into were often less than inviting in an age where people want more varied media.

So as a consequence of Evan’s layout (thanks Evan, btw) and thinking about this stuff again, I’ve been going back to some older posts and updating them with some visual aids, such as Understanding Waves For Swimmers, Part 1 and Part 2. I will also try to internally link relevant older posts. And I promise a continuing diversity of posts, at least until the current list runs out.

Also, I’m going to start Tweeting updates on the site also.

Meanwhile, best wishes to Alan Clack who is racing in the Canadian National Master’s this weekend. Alan, for the love of Dagon**, please update your blog! More ice swimming pictures. Show the lake. Talk about tapering, the Master’s, swimming in Vietnam, anything!

* Azathoth: the blind insane nuclear chaos at the centre of the Universe!

** Dagon: originally a Philistine fishing/sea/fertility god

One thought on “Going swimming is a source of blog post ideas

  1. Thanks for the shout-out. Coming from you (one of the very best, IMO) it means a lot. Personally I rather enjoyed the wall-o’-text posts, but OWS can be a very visual experience so images can sometimes enliven things.


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