Landlocked Ireland

This is Tipperary town (about six kilometers out) and environ’s on yesterday’s hazy May afternoon, the town I’m from originally (yes, just like the song). The panorama was taken at a place called Bull Rock (Rock an Tarbh,  52°23’50.63″N,   8° 9’33.85″W) in the Galtee Mountains foothills, facing north-north-west toward Tipperary Town.

Tipperary is Ireland’s largest inland county. The picture is a big panorama, full size gives plenty of detail. But with the haze, the hills of east Limerick, and Clare and the Slieve Feilim hills aren’t visible except as vague outlines.

Tipperary is within a section of Ireland called the Golden Vale, because of its agricultural richness. Looking south from the same location is the Galtee Mountain range. Actually between the foothills where I took these photo’s from, and the mountain rang is the Glen of Aherlow, which is I think, one of Ireland’s great and most under-appreciated locations.

Galtee Mor

That’s Galtee Mór on the left, Ireland’s third highest mountain, just over 900 metres. Most mountain ranges in Ireland are near the coasts as you could see in last week’s big image of Ireland, with the centre of Ireland being very flat. You can see that Galtee Mór is very smooth, indicative of atmospheric aging and a stable geology, worn down by wind and rain and snow. Earthquakes are pretty unknown in Ireland, as we sit well inside the Atlantic plate. Yeah, all that green is nice, but it’s not the kind you can swim in.

Dee’s doglet says hello.


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