Penny Palfrey and crew CLEARED of shark killing allegations

I’ve been sitting on this news for a few days until it was officially released.

So I’ll start with what Steve reports on Daily News of Open Water. The Investigation reported on Facebook (of all places):

As organizers of Penny Palfrey’s Bridging the Cayman Islands swim, the Flowers Group launched an investigation into the reports and rumors that sharks were killed during this endeavor. 

We have reached out to various Government agencies and members of both the local and international crew.

The findings were that The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism contacted the individual named in the original report, Charles Ebanks, who confirmed that he did not kill any sharks during the historic Bridging swim and states that reports to the contrary are inaccurate. He stated that he “hooked the sharks and lead them away”, he further added, “I was there, I did not kill any sharks. They are assuming I did something which is not true and you can quote me on this.”

Charles stated that the boat captain from the boat asked him what he did with the sharks and he replied, “I got rid of them.” He said he thinks this could have been taken to mean that they were killed.

Based on Charles’ account, various members of the Bridge crew were conferred with, and corroborated this description. Images have also been reviewed from various individuals who were on the boats. From these findings, there is no evidence to suggest that any sharks were killed.

It is unfortunate that these reports caused such a firestorm of controversy. It is hoped that this puts this matter to rest and allows Penny much deserved accolades for this historic achievement.


When I first wrote about this on Monday, I put a non-involved swimmer’s point of view, not attempting to speak for anyone except myself. Not other swimmers. Not conservationists or environmentalists. And I said, also, let’s wait until full story is in. It’s now in.

And in the meantime I saw the story and abuse continue. It’s always easier to throw abuse and get judgemental than wait for facts apparently.

Now my next question: do you think all the people who attacked Penny, Chris, Steve and the crew and swim will now apologise? Yeah, right.

Regardless, Congrats again to Penny, Chris and Steve and crew.

Penny Palfrey

Any chance the rest of the critics would like to go back to doing something productive about the 70 million sharks killed every year? And maybe leave us real sea people to our selves and the sea?

It’s actions like the attack on Penny and crew that stop me from describing myself as an environmentalist a lot of the time.


4 thoughts on “Penny Palfrey and crew CLEARED of shark killing allegations

  1. They could be “cleared of shark killing allegations” but they killed at least one, if not two sharks, as per Norma Conolly’s report in the Cayman Compass in the days such blood bath took place.

    This Palfrey fiasco is nothing but hype, and very powerful people around her have been bribing governments and associations,


    • Let me be clear as possible. You are talking bullshit. Bribing governments? Are you 12 that you believe in this conspiracy shit? You know how much amateur swimmers have to spend? Nothing. We spend our time in debt trying to pay the bare costs of swims and rely completely on volunteers to help us.

      I am a swimmer who blogs on distance swimming for love of the sport, and soneone who actually knows something about it, unlike many of the commentators like yourself whose repeated lies and allegations about Penny have been spread far and wide especially where the actual truth can be conveniently ignored. Unlike you I actually spoke to someone on the swim. And the lies have been spread by Animals Rights protestors like yourself, some of whose idea of doing something is to leave physically threatening posts on blogs such as mine. Yes, threats of physical violence to me doesn’t exactly convince me of your case.

      I’ve always been an environmentalist myself, and you people make me ashamed. So get lost, and take all your online nutjob friends who can’t think for yourselves and have been rabble roused to visiting my site again today with you.


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