Kilmurrin Cove to Boatstrand

I though I would start adding a few more photos of the various locations I swim or have swam at.

Kilmurrin Cove

This is Kilmurrin Cove, on the Waterford Coast, about 10 kilometers west of Tramore.

It’s a tiny horseshoe cove, favourite of local surfers in bad weather. Due to the shape, it’s pretty well sheltered. I rarely swim here since it’s so small, and I like more room to play in, it’s about 500 metres across but the entrance is probably only about 50 to 75 metres.

There are strong currents around the outside rocks and on both sides. Surfers use these channels on big wave days to get out back of the waves, it’s very difficult to otherwise. This is at high tide, at low tide the cove is fairly empty of water. There are rocks below the low water tide line, sand at the mid-water line and stones at the high tide level.

Dunbrattin Head

Outside the cove, to the left, is Dunbrattin Head. I’ve swam from Kilmurrin to Dunbrattin and back, but it was a few years ago. It’s maybe 15 or 20 minutes down. Dunbrattin Head is outside the tiny fishing cove of Boatstrand. Inside and to the left of Boatstrand is what local surfers call Rock Bottom. Usually flat, in big swell it’s a dangerous section of water, with a deceptive volume of water moving.

Boatstrand & Copper Coast to Mine Head


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