This Open Water swimmer’s words

Ocean. Green. Pelagic. Friends. Deep. Tide. Littoral. Headland. Cnidarian. Warm. Crab. Flood. Saline. Surge. Slipway. Gull. Springs. Diverse. Reef. Sand. Cove. Wet. Cetacean. Current. Ecosystem. Island. Clear. Lighthouse. Calm. Dream. Breaker. Dark. Coral. Foam. Neaps. Seal. Turquoise. Bay. Blue. Cape, Solo. Fun. Dive. Sprat. Aquatic. Wild. Thalassic. Swell. Glassy. Fish. Beach. Bio-luminescence. Grease. Offshore. Frigate Bird. Spray. Rock. Ebb. Pier. Shallow. Guillemot. Zooplankton. Shallow. Horizon. Separation Zone. Glassy. Marine. Adventure. Cliff. Wind. Kelp. Bilious. Habitat. Benthic. Channel. Lone. Cold. Human. Sea. Swim. Life. Live.


Would you believe this took me hours of work and it’s still not right?


What do you think?

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