Newtown & Guillame swimming website

Some of you may have noticed a new link in the sidebar.

I put together another site for Tramore’s Newtown & Guillamene swimming club some time back. We’re just starting to add content to it. There are plenty of photographs going back up to 80 years to come (probably slowly), along with stories and anecdotes.

Now I talk enough about the location here that many of you who’ve never visited it will be quite familiar with it from my pictures.

Newtown Cove. Click for very large image for detail.

This is the photo I took for the title image on the site, giving you a better view of the location itself. If you enlarge it you’ll be able to have a reasonable look around.

Like Sandycove, it’s one of the great Irish swimming locations. It regularly features in broadcast and print media due to its great tradition.

Visitors and tourists are always welcomed and are often surprised by the vibrancy brought by all generations having proper waterside fun together.

Rock and pier diving and jumping, triathletes, family picnics, scuba diving, kayaking, recreational swimming. I saw a stand up paddle boarder recently, and surfer vainly searching for waves there. There’s a seal that occasionally pops up during the winter, though I haven’t seen it in a year. There’s even a Channel swimmer or two around fairly regularly. 🙂

I won’t be writing regularly for it, but will admin the site and work with the club hopefully to keep it updated.

Please visit it either IRL or virtually.



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