Map of Irish and UK Open Water Swimming Locations

There are two map of UK (and a few Irish) open water swimming locations.

On you can add locations. Dover isn’t on it yet for the UK, how ridiculous is that? And there’s about 4 locations of Ireland. This is just a screenshot. Original is here. If you can be bothered. Though I do like the colour-coded location markers to indicate what type of swim it is. map

And there’s also, claiming to be the larger of the two sites, which in fairness is a better site. Also with a map AND the book, thought he map isn’t any better for us sea-swimmers. It seems to be more about rivers and lakes and pools.

The British (hi honey!) are gone mad on the whole “wild swimming” thing, which would be a nice title if it hadn’t been completely compromised by the BBC having Alice Roberts swim granny stroke in a 14C pool telling everyone how cold was and ITV and Robson Greene doing a not-as-cringeworthy swim in the Thames in Henley and making a big deal of a red pair of budgie smugglers. I dunno what they’d do if they ever had their eyeballs assaulted by one of Ned’s disappearing togs events.


One thought on “Map of Irish and UK Open Water Swimming Locations

  1. If the BBC’s Alice Roberts upsets you then look away now

    The results from a poll on an open water swimming website! (

    At what temperature do you think the water is getting cold?
    Under 5ºC (41ºF) 7 (0%)
    Under 10ºC (50ºF) 57 (7%)
    Under 12.5°C (54.5°F) 113 (13%)
    Under 15°C (59°C) 166 (20%)
    Under 17.5°C (63.5°F) 200 (24%)
    Under 20°C (68°C) 131 (16%)
    Under 22.5°C (72.5°C) 138 (16%)

    138 people think that at 22.5o the water is getting cold!!!!


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