Crazy water in the English Channel

Waves attacking the east Dover Harbour Wall

I’ve watched a lot of water and I’ve been in my share. Heavy waves on Crab Island, 11 metres swell in a cross wind on the west coast, Pacific Beach in San Diego and San Francisco, howling onshores on the north Scottish coast, the North Sea and Cornwall and I live on the Irish South East Coast, a notorious stretch of water.

But I have never seen water like we saw in Dover yesterday. These were taken on the rising tide.

I say it’s good enough for a relay.

Crashing over the harbour wall. I think I spot a gap.

Think the English Channel can't be as bad as the Atlantic?

Slightly longer (1 min) and different video..

Even inside the harbour was unswimmable with waves breaking over the outside harbour wall, and breaking up onto the prom.

Dover beach


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