Sandycove’s C, D & M “clubs”

Excerpted from Lisa and Liz on the Sandycove website. I’m the only non-resident Cork person to have made the C club. It will take me many years to make the D club, (500 laps), I’ve only done about 20 laps so far this year and unlikely to do even a handful more before year end. Still, nice to have made the Sandycove big leagues. Eoin will have passed me out by now so I’ll be on the bottom rung until I can pass Sylvain (stay travelling Sylvain!). It’s not the full list, I notice Eddie, Imelda. Niall, Danny C., Owen O’K Jen and Gábor aren’t on it, and all those are surely also on the list.

Hey Rob, how is that with over 700 laps I can still kick your arse on the far corner! 🙂

Finbarr, Ned & Rob will all enter the Top Club to join Stephen and Mike H. by next year in the Elite M group.

“We stole this concept from the South End Rowing Club in San Francisco which keeps track of Alcatraz swims.  In 2011, [Sandycove] hosted Gary Emich who at the time had 801 recorded Alcatraz swims and the International Swimming Hall of Fame had requested his log book as part of their permanent display.

Many of our Sandycove Island swimmers are lap counters.  They may have a goal at the start of the year or they may simply keep a log.

We honour the muti-lappers with Roman Numerals as follows:

  • C = 100 or more laps
  • D = 500 or more laps
  • M = 1,000 or more laps

One of these days we’ll get some hats/hoodies with this theme.

We welcome you to keep your results up to date (no more frequently than monthly please!) and if you deserve to be on the list, please send in your current tally to  We will accept a calculated estimate to get your current number.  Just share the logic/calculations.

Below are our current C, D and M club members. These lists are will be kept updated here.

C – 100 life time laps

Name Number of Laps Last Updated
Eoin O’Riordan 118 30/08/2011
Donal Buckley 120 30/08/2011
Sylvain Estadieu 132 10/10/2010
Ger O’Donnell 199 24/10/2010
Dave Mulcahy 200 10/10/2010
Craig Morrison 248 28/08/2011
Lisa Cummins 401 21/09/2011

D – 500 life time laps

Name Number of Laps Last Updated
Ossi Schmidt 700 13/10/2010
Robert Bohane 742 30/08/2011
Finbarr Hedderman 851 28/08/2011
Ned Denison 928 28/08/2011

M – 1000 life time laps

Name Number of Laps Last Updated
Steven Black 1062 10/10/2010
Mike Harris 2015 10/10/2010

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