How To: Tie men’s swimming togs

You are thinking this has to my most inane post ever. You may be right, though I believe it is possible for me to be more inane. But bear with me …

How do you tie your togs? Granny knot or bow? Well that’s fine. Usually

But there are times when neither of those will do.

The Bucket

Pulling The Bucket requires a well-secured and tight togs waistline. A bow tie will slip unless it’s double-knotted tight which can then be difficult to open.

Also, in Open Water racing, people are not averse to grabbing togs by the waistline either, and pulling the togs down. It’s an illegal race move, but it happens.

What’s the best solution? A simple square knot (often called a reef knot). The easiest way to remember it is:

  • Cross right over left (opposite to a Granny know for most right-handed people).
  • Then cross left of right.
  • i.e. left over right, then right over left.
Diagram of a Square knot (Reef knot)

Image via Wikipedia

I use a modified version. When doing stage two I loop both ends through. So the result is a bow tie knot, but one which is more secure than a standard bow knot tied left over right, and still spills (opens) easily.

Still confused?

3 thoughts on “How To: Tie men’s swimming togs

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  2. Last week we had an article about how to poop whilst swimming. This week we have a how to tie your togs up with a reef knot. Next week can we have an article detailing how to poop when your togs are tied up with an inpenetrable knot please?

    Thoroughly enjoying the blog Donal. Hope to see you next year during Lord Denison of Sandy Cove’s torture week.


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