How To: Make swimming costumes/swimsuits last longer

Courtesy of another question. Though as Julie Galloway pointed out in her interview yesterday on Daily news of Open Water Source, we (Irish) call them togs not costume or swimsuit. And we never knew we were different!

This applies mainly to chlorine, which eats the nylon/lycra mix.

We’ve all been there. One day you are going to put on your togs when you realise the back of it has gone almost transparent, and you wonder just how long your arse has been practically hanging out.

I usually buy Speedo Endurance togs or any togs which are chlorine resistant. In a sale in Dover last spring, I picked up a couple of Slazenger togs really cheap. I didn’t realise they were very narrow on the waist and not comfortable to tie, but well, they were cheap. I’ve only wore each pair maybe 20 times, before they went that transparent way that you have to be careful not to wear. So, false economy I guess. (They didn’t say they were chlorine resistant either).

The simple ways to make togs last longer:

  • Purchase chlorine resistant ones.
  • Shower while still wearing them afterwards. This will get them well rinsed, and the soap will help.
  • Don’t wring them out, just squeeze them.

They won’t last forever but you should extend their lifetime by maybe a third to a half. Maximum lifetime for a pair for me is 18 months, usually a bit less.

Of course, togs for the sea last much long.

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